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 New Office Bearers

  • President:- Navin Sood
  • IPP:- Raj Bhatia
  • Vice President:- Sukhdev Singh And Dr. Rakesh Mudgil
  • Secretary General:- Anil Bharadwaj
  • Treasurer:- Sunil Yadav
  • Chariman PR And Media:- Arvinder Narang
  • Joint Secretary:- Anuj Gureja And Deeksha Mehta
  • EC Member:- Ashok Kr. Sharma
    Faridabad Chapter
  • Chairman:- Ashok Nehra
    Gurgoan Chapter
  • Chairman:- Jitender Bisla

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    Established in 1985, YMCA Alumni Association MOB creates and maintains a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni, whose number is more than 5000. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated volunteer central executive member, the Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events. At present, the Alumni Association is being headed by Er. Navin Sood, Chairman and MD., Vee Gee Industrial Enterprises (Machine Tools- YMCA 1974). Er. Anil Kumar Bhardwaj ITS is the Honorary Secretary General of the association.

    Objective of Alumni Affairs

    Encourage interaction with students, alumni, faculty and industry by holding lectures, seminars and conferences. 2. To generate a ‘Brain Bank’ from amongst its members or experts from outside and provide its services for the benefit of the members of MOB, in particular, Alma mater and the society, in general.


    A person who has been awarded degree / diploma by YMCA UST / YMCAIE Faridabad shall be eligible for membership of MOB.

    How to become a member?

    The one time subscription for life membership of the association shall be Rs.500/-

    Alumni Association offers

    Alumni Career and Networking Services

    Membership links you to a strong network of more than 5000 members functioning in various capacities in different parts of the world.

    Student-Alumni Contact

    Support current students @YMCA through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures or through an in person or online commitment; provide internships; recruit fresh graduates; present career programs etc.

    Events and Reunions

    The Association organizes and facilitates a host of events every year at different locations. This includes the Annual General Meeting, Class / Batch Reunion and various other reunions. Association members are also invited to campus events like Foundation Day, Convocation Day, and other cultural events on Campus.

    Geographic Alumni Chapters

    Number of Chapters is currently active and organizing various activities all over the country.